Hamburg Airport Guide to Hamburg Helmut Schmidt Airport - HAM

Hamburg Airport Parking

Hamburg Airport Parking has capacity for over 12,000 vehicles. It counts with the following parking options:

Long-term options

This option is the most suitable for passengers who wish to let their car for a long-term period. There is also a bus shuttle from the Terminal to the long-period parking lots. 

Short-term options

If you wish to leave your car parked for a short period of time, do not hesitate to choose this option. 

See below each parking and its features:

- P1 Terminal Smart: It is an undercover parking at Level 0. There are 218 available parking spaces. At 150 meters from Terminal 1. 

- P1 Holiday Smart: Has 5 parking levels undercover (the last level, the fifth, is not covered). It is equipped with 2 elevators to make It more accessible. It is located at 150 meters of Terminal 1 and has 625 available parking spaces. 

- P2 Holiday Smart: Has 9 parking levels partially undercover (except for levels 8 and 9). There are also 3 elevators and has 720 available parking spaces. Find it at 50 meters of Terminal 1. 

- P4 Terminals: Has 2 parking levels undercover (except for level 2). There are 4 elevators and counts with 1,387 available parking spaces. It is located opposite Terminal 1, Airport Plaza and Terminal 2.

- P5 Holiday: Has 8 parking levels undercover (except for level 8). There are 2 elevators and counts with 261 available parking spaces. It is adjacent to Terminal 2.

- P8-9 Holiday: Has 7 parking levels undercover (except for level 4 and 6). It counts with 488 available parking spaces. They are quite fare from the Terminals, so a free shuttle service is available between the parking and terminals: Opening hours (From 3:40 am to 12:00 am, every day), frequency is of 10 minutes.