Hamburg Airport Guide to Hamburg Helmut Schmidt Airport - HAM

Hamburg Airport train to city centre

Want to get from the airport to Hamburg’s downtown without moving from the airport terminals? We recommend you to keep reading since it may be the best choice for you!

See below Hamburg Airport train options to get to downtown:


Take the S-Bahn (the suburban railway) S1 line, which brings you from Hamburg Airport to the city centre within 10 minutes. The station located at Airport Plaza is called Hamburg Airport (Flughafen).

Opening hours: It runs 24 hours a day: From 03:55 am, every 20 minutes, from 04:34 am to 6:14 pm, every 10 minutes until 22:54 pm, and then until 00:15 am, every 20 minutes (Monday to Friday), Every 10 to 20 minutes (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays). 

Other destinations within Hamburg

On the other hand, if you wish to get to the Hamburg Central Station instead of the city centre, it will take you approximately 25 minutes. 

Also, nearest underground rail station, aside the airport one, is Ohlsdorf. Airport Express bus line 110 can bring you there without any problem. By reaching Ohlsdorf, you’ll be able to access to S-Bahn U1, S1 and S11 lines. 


S-Bahn Station is located in front of Hamburg Airport Terminals, it can be accessed by lifts and escalators. It takes just 2 minutes. 


Price for a one-way adult ticket is of € 2.95, adult return ticket is of € 5.80.

Children (From 6 to 14 years old) one-way ticket is of € 1.10.

On the other hand, to save money, you can use the Hamburg Card, which will allow you to travel for several public transport (bus, ferry, etc.) 

For picking up the train, and the entire public transport network, it will cost you just € 8.90. 

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket at the station ticket booths. 

Hamburg CARD

You want to save money for travelling through Hamburg? Then the Hamburg CARD is just the suitable option for you! By this card you’ll be allowed to travel for unlimited times by any mean of public transport (bus, train and ferry) throughout the HVV service area. It is valid within Hamburg and its metropolitan area. 

Also, you can get nice discounts in over 150 touristic attractions. If you travel in family, a single Hamburg CARD will be enough for one adult and for 3 more children aged between 6 and 14 years’ old. 

You can get your Hamburg CARD at any ticket machine, HVV service centre, on board from the driver, etc. 

Fares as following:

- 1 day: For 1 person + 3 children (aged between 6 and 14 years old): € 9.90, up to 5 persons: € 18.50

- 2 days: For 1 person + 3 children (aged between 6 and 14 years old): € 18.90, up to 5 persons: € 32.90

- 3 days: For 1 person + 3 children (aged between 6 and 14 years old): € 25.50, up to 5 persons: € 44.50

- 4 days: For 1 person + 3 children (aged between 6 and 14 years old): € 33.90, up to 5 persons: € 58.50

- 5 days: For 1 person + 3 children (aged between 6 and 14 years old): € 41.50, up to 5 persons: € 73.50